I'm Levi Bethune

Move fast.
Break rules.
Make videos.

I make scrappy, flexible, modular web videos for early-stage startups that can't afford to waste time or money.

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Pick two, right?

Cheap & Fast but not Good.
Fast & Good but not Cheap.
Good & Cheap but not Fast.

That's the rule, isn't it? Ugh. It feels so... rigid.

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Balance all three.

How about cheap enough, fast enough, and good enough?

Doesn't that make more sense when you're dealing with the internet?


Modular video?
WTF is that?

Why spend time and money on something you can only use once, for one purpose? I'll tell you why. Because that's all that most places will sell you. Instead, I make sure that I get at least 2 videos out of every shoot. That's more for you to test, more for you to use, and less that you have to waste.

The process.

  1. You'll fill this out. I'll decide that it's a project I want to take on.
  2. You'll pay a deposit. Like, 50% or something.
  3. We'll chat for an hour or so. (We'll talk about your business, what you're trying to accomplish, and what we both think would be a good, creative, and reasonable thing to try) 
  4. I'll toss a couple ideas at you, and you'll let me know what you would like to try.
  5. I'll make stuff and deliver it.
  6. You'll pay the final invoice. Most of my videos come in around $1000. But, everyone has different needs.


Is this for you?

This question isn't hyperbole. I don't want to waste your time. I'm not a video studio* I'm a guy who can make videos for the internet**. I research, write, shoot, act, read, record, direct, edit, mix, master, and ship all my own stuff. Usually in less than two days.

Am I the best? Ha. No. But, I'm good.

If you are an organization with an alarming lack of time and resources in a season of rapid iteration and feverish testing, let's get started.



*There are myriad video studios out there. Many of them will make you a video that is totally worth the price and the timeline. If you can spend $20-40k and wait 8-10 weeks, the video and the process very well may be exactly what you need.

**I have a lot of experience creating videos for the internet, both as part of a video agency, and out on my own. Here are a few larger productions that highlight my writing/directing style:


get started.

Name *
Tell me what you've seen, what you've learned, or what you've heard that led you want video content.
Totally optional stuff we can get to later if we need to.
No matter what we end up making, I always start here. So, if you don't have a mission or vision articulated, let's have THAT conversation before we start talking about video content.
What is the purpose of this video?
It's possible for a video to do more than one thing, but it's best if you only select one of these things.

Wait, What does it cost?

Most video studios will charge $20k to start. That's a lot of money. But, it's not ludicrous. It's often well worth it. But ONLY if you need a video at that production level. However if you're pushing marketing content to social, 90% of your videos should NOT be produced at that level.

I can create short videos from $500 to $5000. That's NOT a lot of money. But, it's appropriate for what you're going to use it for. Plus, it means we can make a lot of these things.